Military Disguise Sniper Coat Camouflage Hood Combat Paintball Hunting Ghillie Suit Woodland Burlap String

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Item Name: Military Disguise Sniper Coat Camouflage Hood Combat paintball Hunting Ghillie Suit Woodland Burlap String

Gender: Unisex

Fit: Fits true to size, take your normal size

Material: COTTON

Ghillie foundation Material: Cotton Sleeve +Nylon Mosquito Mesh

Burlap String Material: burlap

One bag of woodland burlap Weight :470g


Whether you’re an assaulter or sniper the benefit of suppressing your visual presence to the enemy is extremely important. This Hood is a new high-speed garment designed not just for snipers but for any operator who can benefit from having a tactical edge toward visual based camouflage/concealment. Specific to this type of operator is that the Hood is designed to be worn in conjunction and work in unison with combat loadout equipment including tactical vests, armored plate carriers, assault vests and any size backpack. Any tactical operator can now achieve the camouflage/concealment effectiveness of a sniper and his ghillie suit but scaled into a package that is practical and suited toward the working needs and working requirements of an assaulter.

The Cape has the shape of a hood with shoulders and sleeves.

Hood adjustable with rubber bands and straps.

There are square strap cells all over the hood, on the back and sleeves for applying disguise elements.

Fits overtop most tactical helmets.


Adjustable chest tension strap

Multiple tension cords throughout for adjustment fit

Nylon cord is bar-tacked throughout entire outer shell to accommodate the use of foliage and fiber garnish

Ventilation built into sides of hood for ventilation and visual observation

Fits overtop most tactical helmets



1. One bag of woodland burlap (no ghillie foundation included)

2.One  bag of desert burlap (no ghillie foundation included)

3. One Green Ghillie foundation

4. One TAN  Ghillie foundation

5. One Black Ghillie foundation

6.One CP Camouflage Ghillie foundation

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