Tokyo 2020 Olympic Medals Gold Silver Bronze With Ribbons 1:1 Full Size Replica *Highest Quality*

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Fresh out! Tokyo 2020 Olympic Medal! You can immediately take it away as a fantastic gift for your sports fan friend, or for your child he or she has a championship dream!

Everyone has a championship dream! Once you, your children or your friends have it, you will feel the passion and dream of the Tokyo Olympic Games ahead of time!

This Complete Set of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Medals Gold Silver Bronze with Ribbon 1:1 Full Size Replica. It has the same design and ribbons as the medals won by the champions at the Summer Olympics in 2020; It has a 3D High-relief design & the highest quality, made of Metal Alloy and comes in a protective plastic bag. Add it to your Olympic collection or make a great gift! Please don't miss out!

Item specifics:

Diameter: 85mm, Max thickness: 11.5mm (including 3D High-relief)

Weight (approx): 300 grams for each

Material: Metal Alloy

The total length of ribbon: 860mm

1:1 Full Size; Exact Replica of the highest quality.

Both the medal and the ribbon are to the same design and size just like the real ones.