Tokyo 2020 Olympic Silver Medal With Ribbon 1:1 Full Size Replica *Highest Quality*

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Fresh out! Tokyo 2020 Olympic Medal! You can immediately take it away as a fantastic gift for your sports fan friend, or for your child he or she has a championship dream!

Everyone has a championship dream! Once you, your children or your friends have it, you will feel the passion and dream of the Tokyo Olympic Games ahead of time!

This is a Tokyo 2020 Olympic Silver Medal With Ribbon 1:1 Full Size Replica. It has the same design and ribbons as the medals won by the champions at the Summer Olympics in 2020; It has a 3D High-relief design & the highest quality, made of Metal Alloy and comes in a protective plastic bag. Add it to your Olympic collection or make a great gift! Please don't miss out!

Item specifics:

Diameter: 85mm, Max thickness: 11.5mm (including 3D High-relief)

Weight (approx): 300 grams

Material: Metal Alloy

The total length of ribbon: 900mm

1:1 Full Size; Exact Replica of the highest quality.

Both the medal and the ribbon are to the same design and size just like the real ones.

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