About us

Coin Souvenir Co., Ltd. founded in 2003 and in the past 14 years, we are committed to produced and minted coins, commemorative medallions, medals, badges, pins and other products for corporate, governmental.

This more than 10 years, our customers continue to receive the praise, our medallions have been bestowed as merit awards, retirement gifts and traded as souvenirs and collectors' items.

Up to now, we have created this direct sales shopping website (CoinSouvenir.com) for collectors, enthusiasts, distributors, wholesalers, etc., we specialize in Souvenir coins, Challenge coins, Police & military badges, Olympic medals, Championship rings and more.

We hope we can do these for you:
Make collections of collectors more colorful,
Make enthusiasts find what they are looking for,
Make the business of distributors and wholesalers more prosperous!

Our Service:

1. Factory direct sales: a wide variety of collectibles, all the items listed on our website are all available in stock.

2. Customed minting: customed awards, challenge coin and more.
We produce and minted coins, commemorative medallions, medals, police badges, keychain for corporate, and government, military and private entities. According to your idea, we make you artwork, after your confirm, we could make the coin in about 10 days, we customed design 10000+ coins for our client.

If you have any questions about products, online orders, store experiences and more, please feel free to contact us at support@coinsouvenir.com


We welcome visitors. Browse our wide range of products in our display room, and make purchases while here. We are easy to find, located at Beijing, the capital of China. You could contact us for a pick up, if you visiting China. Welcome to Beijing!

Phone: +86 170 1010 5156

Email: info@coinsouvenir.com

Address: 31F, China World Trade Tower 2, No.1 Jian Guo Men Wai Avenue, Beijing, China

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