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The tracking # says my package hasn't moved. What's going on?

Your package status hasn't been updated since it shipped? You're not the only one.

Don't worry, it's actually normal, click on the examples below of late and/or unscanned packages which were eventually delivered.

This package was never updated until the day it reached the Next Facility.

This package showed no scans for 7 days mid-route but was eventually delivered.

No scan until reached Next Facility

In fact, such situations are common, and I could provide an endless list but you get the picture.

What You Should Understand

The post office doesn't always scan every package at every step -- as you can see from the examples above.

  1. We have processed your order when you receive the "A shipment from order # is on the way" email. Please check spam.
  2. Your order has shipped even if the tracking status isn't scanned to reflect that.
  3. Once your order is shipped, we don't have any more information beyond what you see in the tracking status.

Sometimes packages may take extra time in transit due to severe weather, flight delays, emergencies, public holidays, etc.

In summary, do not be concerned if your tracking number shows no recent update. Most questions resolve themselves in an additional 7 to 10 days, some may take one to two weeks. Please be patient. In our experience, all packages are delivered safely, even if they may be delayed or failed to scan.

Steps to Take:

1. Go to the tracking status page on the USPS site. Click on the "Text & Email Updates" link:2. Enter your Name and Email Address and click the "Get Updates" button to receive notifications each time the tracking status is updated. This transmits an informal inquiry with USPS that usually gets the package moving in a few days.