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Order Delivery Guarantee

We have a delivery guarantee for all orders, and we are responsible for all shipping accidents, such as: items lost in transit (except for tracking info showing items that have been delivered), or customs clearance problems (except if the customer does not actively cooperate with the customs clearance process), we will re-ship your order for free and bear all costs again (both all product costs and new shipping costs).

Please note that we do not provide direct refunds for all customs clearance issues, we only provide re-shipment or store credits/ gift cards of equivalent value for your order. Because as you know, this situation is not our fault, we are also victims, we had shipped your order correctly and we have fulfilled all our obligations and responsibilities on our side, but sometimes your local customs clearance is changeable and beyond control. However, situations like that are extremely rare. However, we all know things can happen but you can rest assured regardless you will be covered! We always take care of our customers!