90mm Round Genuine Leather Holder/ Holster/ Wallet For Multi-size Police Badges

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Item specifics:

This Extra Large Round Genuine Leather Holder/ Holster/ Wallet, Suitable For Multi-size Round or Star Police Badges.

100% Genuine OX Leather, Holder Size: 90mm

Can be hung on the chest, or on the belt, the chain length is 90cm

Warm Tips:

The badge on the holder is for display purposes only and does not include any badges.

Also, we have another 72mm Round Leather Holder, also suitable for Multi-size Round or Star Police Badges. Please click here for product details.

If the max height of your badge is greater than 72 mm and less than 90 mm, please choose a 90 mm size holder; if it is less than 72 mm, please choose a 72 mm holder.